Ricarda Wienert-Oefelein

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Working in the atelier of the company Reine des Centfeuilles, Ricarda Wienert-Oefelein became self-reliant after many years of cooperation with the reproduction of historical clothing.

With the support of Mauritia Kirchner and her profound knowledge, she now carries on under a new name what once started and was perfected by RdC.

In close cooperation with Reine des Centfeuilles, she continues to offer high quality hand embroidery to compliment all garments.
Her company "Historical Clothing" is standing for an authentic reproduction at the highest historical level and with exquisite materials.

Special features of Mrs. Wienert-Oefelein and her qualitative work are:

High-quality and original materials.
Historically accuracy.
Excellent fit.
Detailed, passionate handwork.

In addition to historical skills is her great concern to achieve an excellent fit. She works according to original cutting patterns, which she can expertly model to the fit and expectations of her customers.

In addition, their clients benefit from a wide range of exquisite suppliers and the collaboration with renowned trimmers, shoe and hat makers.

Get in touch with Mrs Wienert-Oefelein! She will be pleased to assist you.